Thursday, 11 December 2008


In response to Juliet's post this morning on her excellent musings and following a chance conversation with her in our local Co-Op about yellow paintings in general re. one of her favourite paintings 'Le Piano' (1955) by Nicholas de Stael I was reminded of this oil painting we have at home by an old aquaintance of ours from Cornwall, Ken Bruce. We saw it in an exhibition of his paintings [I can't quite recall the venue but it was somwhere near Truro]and really liked it. After an awkward conversation about how we loved the picture but couldn't at that time afford it Ken said 'I'll tell you what, there's a watercolour of your's James I've had my eye on for a while, I'll do you a swap'. That's how we came to own this painting and to this day I still feel we ended up with the better of the two paintings.

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Juliet said...

Very yellow inDEED! Can quite see why you fell for it.