Thursday, 6 June 2013

House Across the Street ~ Daily Sketch 06/06/2013

These beautifully made 'mock Tudor' houses were built by Clifford White of Mersea in 1933 and were the first to benefit from mains electricity when it arrived in the mid 1930's from across the Strood!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

View Across the Old Cricket Pitch ~ Daily Sketch 09/05/2013

Although this piece of Mersea island is now returned to its more natural state of saltmarsh and reed beds and thankfully protected by its village green status, it in fact used to be an old cricket pitch according to Mersea Island folklore. You can glean a bit more information from the town council site here. The blue houseboat you can see is called 'L'esperance' and was once home to acclaimed concert pianist Semprini, beyond which is Besom creek or 'buzzen' in the local vernacular, beyond that is another Mersea Island icon The Packing Shed.

And here is the old cricket pitch in all its 1960's postcard litho. colour glory!