Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Peak Chocolate

Look in any body's tin of sweets this very day, any given year and I guarantee all that you will find are the crappy old dessicated coconut centres, toffees that a toddler has discovered are in fact vile and then has returned to the tin plus teethmarks or a few nutty offerings that even granddad's post-war NHS dentures would take a decade to break down. Gone are the velvety cream centres that go so well with a mid morning coffee, gone are those solid little facsimiles of a Cadbury's dairy milk, you'll be hard pushed to find even a 'purple one', you know the sort, soft caramel with a whole hazelnut. 'How does he know that our tin looks like this?' I hear you ask. Well, every time I've visited some one's house at this time of year for as long as I can recall, I've kindly been offered a cup of tea/coffee and this is always a gratefully received but then around comes the tin, like some quarter full poisoned chalice. 'Would you like a sweet? help yourself' is the well intended next question, to which I have no doubt most of us will reply 'oh no thanks, I've really eaten far too many sweets already this Christmas' all the while thinking where have all their b*#*dy strawberry creams gone? Don't get me started on those individuals who insist on putting empty wrappers back in the tin!

It is indeed very likely your tin looks something like this.

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