Saturday, 27 December 2008

Walking Off The Excesses

This afternoon equipped with little more than a wooly hat, a black labrador and a mobile phone camera I decided to take a brisk walk along the 'front' as we like to call it, in order to walk off some of the excesses of the previous couple of days.
Ray Island from accross the fields.

My [sometimes] trustworthy companion, Mabel.

The little old jetty into 'Strood Channel'

Along the seawall towards the 'Nothe'

Waterside cottage.

No one wants ice in their punt! By now my eyes were streaming and my cheeks were numb, it really was one of those typical East Anglian winds that seems to come from somewhere over the Ural Mountains, across the North Sea and up the River Blackwater.

The 'Old Victory', no longer a pub but when it was I like to imagine it as the pub from Baring-Gould's 'Mehalah'.

The legendary 'Company Shed'

On through the boatyard

...and past the houseboats towards home and a welcome cup of tea.

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