Wednesday, 24 December 2008

One More Sleep!

The artist and tartist wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

We've always been big Muppets fans in the artistandtartist family and this happens to be one of our favourites.

Something I really enjoy each Christmas Eve amongst all the other excitements is the food 'prep' which for us includes boiling and honey-roasting a gammon joint. I also had to pop out to pick some bay leaves for bread sauce and Delia's recipe seems as good as most, to accompany our turkey tomorrow. Proper homemade bread sauce is not only completely wonderful compared to any 'packet' versions available but is also really pleasurable to make whilst sipping at a 'sharpener' (usually gin and tonic or whiskey mac in our case) whilst the bird roasts in the oven. It may well be 2009 before I get to post in the meantime Happy Christmas!


Juliet said...

Happy Christmas to you both, too. fantastic photo portrait!

James and Maggie said...

Thanks Juliet, a very Happy Christmas to you and yours too...the portrait was taken before the G&T's as well!

Juliet said...

Ooh, I think we should have a post-G&Ts pic as well!