Friday, 21 November 2008


Something for the weekend sir? at last our very own acronym.

Something to warm us all up this weekend...these guys have been very 'groovy' for years!


Juliet said...

Well, the music is great, but I'm not sure about the new acronym, to be honest - what about all us misses and madams out here? Aren't we allowed something for the weekend too?!

(Now what was that you were saying today about never posting anything contentious on your blog?)

James and Maggie said...

Tee-he, well of course we all deserve something for the weekend. I was at first a trifle concerned with five instead of four letters in our acronym...don't say I'm going to have to add more! SFTWS/M?

James and Maggie said...

Silly me, it's obvious I only need to use for letters SFTW anyway!

Juliet said...

That would suit the purpose very well, I feel, and increase your blog's Friday readership by 50%!