Sunday, 23 November 2008

Icy Blast Anyone?

View of the church from the Artcafe this morning

We awoke this morning to our first flurry of snow this winter here on the east coast and my brisk walk to the cafe was with woolly hat and scarf, hunched shoulders and hands firmly in pockets. Although the snow didn't amount to much the wind for a while was very cold. I must confess I was hoping we'd see a bit more than the fine sprinkling we received, in order that I might gather material for some winter paintings, however I have a feeling we may be at the start of a particularly cold one this year...we'll have to wait and see. Things look so very different when we have snow that covers everything and stays a while so in the absence of any real snow today here's a pastel of St. Peter's Well I did a couple of winters ago.

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