Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A Brisk Walk & TBTM

I'm missing the tartist this morning as she's away to see her poorly dad in Norfolk and listening to radio 4's news of ongoing economic strife I decided to take our labrador Mabel for a brisk walk along the beach.

Through the village and down towards the 'Monkey Beach'.

The 'Blackwater' was crystal clear this morning.

The weathered remains of an old 2nd world war concrete 'pillbox'.

I'm beginning to use this mobile phone camera a bit like a sketchbook, it's quick on a cold morning and convenient when there's a black labrador tugging at your arm and I recon the results are perfectly good enough for reference purposes.

This little feature in the wall facing the estuary used to house a barometer many years ago...back when local people's livelihoods (especially our fishermen's) were more dependant upon the vagaries of the weather.

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Juliet said...

How lovely to see 'my' walk through another's eyes for a change (albeit with the obligatory black labrador tugging on the camera arm!) - especially since I was unable to escape during those dazzling daylight hours myself yesterday and only made it as dusk was falling.