Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Tartist 'In The Wars'

Two Loaves

Fruit Soaking

More Loaves and a Couple of Victoria Sponges

My missus aka. the tartist has really been in the wars this past week. She cut the index finger of her left hand and then a few days later tripped over a sack of potatoes in the course of duty. Today with bandaged finger and strapped wrist she turned out eight (count 'em), eight loaves of orange fruit teabread. Sometimes I wonder what it would take to stop her baking each day, when the lure of packet/bought in product can be very tempting indeed. It really seems to both of us at the moment that the more adverse the circumstances become, the more important it is to us that we provide something genuinely handmade from 'proper' ingredients.

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