Wednesday, 29 October 2008

More Huts!

Having just read a recent post on Juliet's Musings from Coldingham Bay in Berwickshire I thought I'd share a few more of my own efforts with you this evening... I've been quite fascinated with these rather idiosyncratic modest pieces of seaside architecture for some time now and have been painting and drawing them for a few years... it seems at almost any sandy beach or bay or inlet or cove around these islands you can find them in almost infinite variety of designs and shades.
I think we are particularly fortunate on Mersea to have such a variety of them and they all seem almost without exception to be lovingly maintained throughout the year. My only worry is the stealthy advance of the 'one size fits all' designer hut/chalet that we have now see here. These to my mind are the beach hut equivalent of the grey squirrel!

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Juliet said...

Hey, fab! I'm giving up taking photos - these are so much better!