Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Real Food

The other day whilst baking my heart out at home I listened to You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 and was delighted to hear that someone (a big brewery) has at last got into trouble and been fined a hefty sum for advertising food as homemade when in fact it has been bought in. Nearly every week I get a list from one of the big food providers offering me things that look as if they have been carefully and thoughtfully prepared when in actual fact they have been mass produced in a factory.
I don't mind a bit if people choose to eat this sort of thing but it is vital that they know what they are getting. If I make you a cake you can been sure that I have used real, free range, eggs, that the lemon zest came off of a real lemon and I rubbed it off with my microplane myself.....by the way microplanes are brilliant. The naughty side of baking things myself is the bowls that need licking at the end but my children and 'theartist' are happy to help with this job if not the washing up.


Helena said...

I hate it when they call something 'homemade' when they just mean 'we defrosted it and stuck it in the microwave' :)

I often wonder about restaurants' food, if it arrives too quickly, too!

Hullo by the way! Haven't been in to Mersea Island cafe but love the Colchester one. I've handed in some greetings cards for consideration -hoping to get into somewhere local to sell them- but haven't heard yet. Fingers crossed. If they are accepted, can I have my takings paid in their carrot cake? It's yummy.

Helena said...

Hey ho! Gave up waiting for a call back and rang them back myself this evening! Seems it's a "no" but pity it was a "no" on the grounds that my stuff wasn't my original work- as it is! Never mind. The internet shop route beckons....