Monday, 26 May 2008

I am a bit Shy

I am a bit shy about putting any of the things I think about on here so that anyone can read it but as that's the whole point of it I will have to get braver.
We went away for a few days last week to Vine House Hotel in Burnham Market and it was fabulous. The meals we had in the evenings were quite spectacular and for me the most interesting thing was Truffle Oil in Honey served with a selection of cheeses and biscuits. Maybe everyone else already knows about this but to me it was a completely new idea and I loved it. It was actually part of Jim's dessert but we always share and that way we get to try double the amount of dishes. We also tried other cafes to check out their coffee and cakes always on the look out for new ideas and so can only go for a few days before we get too full to get in the car.

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