Saturday, 31 May 2008

Chocy Cake And A Watercolour

Houseboats at West Mersea

A Batch of Maggies Chocy Cake

Maggie has baked loads of cake this week, she has an impressive output, I'm still amazed even after many years together. It really takes a lot of stamina to adhere to our 'all homemade' ethos especially when the large catering suppliers offer quick and easy cake mixes in a single bag (with all the inherant chemicals and preservatives) with the promise of exact portioning and precise profit margins. At the time of this post her repetoire comprises:~ Orange Fruit Teabread, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Lemon Poppyseed Cake, Bread Pudding, Carrot Cake, Fresh Cream Victoria Sponge, Flap Jacks, Sticky Orange Cake, Plain Scones and some very cheesy Cheese Scones.

I, for my part, have done quite a bit of design work this week both for the artcafe and Transition Island Mersea (more about that later). I also managed some painting and finished a small watercolour of the houseboats at West Mersea. This part of our lovely island really hasn't changed a bit since I was a little boy. I must confess I hope it never does.

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Karen Bromley said...

Is your sticky orange cake made like bread pudding?