Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow & Frost Return To Mersea

Yesterday afternoon about 3.30pm we got a flurry of large cotton snowflakes which was much less than we had expected but enough to dust everywhere with white. Just up the road in Norwich where artistandtartist junior now resides the story was very different with the city being brought to a standstill by about eight inches of snow. It is however very cold during the daylight hours here by normal standards and colder at night.
This was the view from the house this morning so prompted by fine clear blue skies and sunshine I decided to head outside once more for my daily sketch.
A favourite spot of mine at the end of the beach looking across Besom fleet (or 'Buzzen' as it's more familiarly know by locals) towards Tollesbury. With cold fingers and watering eyes I made my sketch.

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