Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Daily Sketch for 2013

To kick things off in 2013 I've decided to proceed with the idea muted in my last post about making a sketch a day for a year. You can call it a new year's resolution if you wish, I'm calling it 'a daily sketch', for two reasons really, 1) because that is what it is, and 2) most new year's resolutions are hastily made in a boozy haze on new year's eve and often falter fairly soon afterwards. I've been pondering this a while and from what I can see from other people's daily painting and drawing projects it can be a really helpful and interesting exercise. We'll see.
From my own point of view, with limited studio time at the moment because of my commitment to our business I'm hoping that the somewhat monastic, regular 'drip, drip' of sketches will at least keep my eye in and at best open up some new ideas for larger works when the time will allow, so, happy new year friends, and here goes...

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