Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Work Experience

Meet Toby, he's at the Artcafé in Mersea this week doing his work experience with us. He's helping us with our day to day chores and hopefully learning lots in the process about café life and the world of work. Actually Toby isn't exactly a stranger to us as he's James and Maggies nephew.


Sam Norton said...

This came through on my TweetFeed and I thought you'd be interested to see it: "Fabulous homemade food, fine coffee & so much more @ The Art Café, Mersea Island - http://twurl.nl/3syfuh - the finest café in Essex IMHO!" - from the 'essexgourmet', http://www.essexgourmet.co.uk (Sarah Fay).

James and Maggie said...

Thanks for that Sam, several people have recently been trying to persuade me to 'twitter' or is it 'tweet'?