Sunday, 12 April 2009


Our busiest weekend of the year is upon us and the lion share of the catering work as usual falls upon the tartist. In addition to this we've had a fair amount of upheaval to contend with lately and I have to say she's coping admirably, I'm so proud of her. So yesterday after a really busy day's business and after we'd done most of the clearing up and prep. for today we took a short stroll over the road to the church for some moments comes in handy being opposite such a place at times. I have to add we also avail ourselves of the public house opposite in equal measure, for a tray of drinks, after a busy shift too but yesterday we were thirsty for some quiet time.

So with chocolate eggs at the ready we began our easter Sunday at the artcafé this morning.


Sam Norton said...

I'm surprised this is your busiest weekend - I'd have guessed the August Bank Holiday if forced to choose.

(Very glad the church can be useful for you - I think there's lots of mutual benefit between our 3 establishments!)

James and Maggie said...

Indeed we're well served in mind body and spirit in this corner of our village. I think as opposed to the August bank holiday Easter has Good Friday too. Also (especially if Easter falls early ~ due to those mad lunar computations that have always intrigued me) we're never quite in the swing of things like we are in August.