Friday, 23 January 2009

Welcome to Britain

18% of people avoid their neighbours when out shopping
7% have joined a queue without knowing what it's for
99% would rather die than arrange a pre-paid funeral
46% buy things they don't like because they are cheap

A while ago I was given a copy of a wonderful picture book entitled 'Welcome to Britain' A Celebration of Real Life by Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale. They run The Caravan Gallery which is what it says, a gallery in a mustard coloured caravan. It has been touring Britain with their photographs since 2000. Like a lot of great art their work simply holds up a mirror in front of us, revealing a certain reality that is Britain today. In relating this to you it would be only right to give you nudge in the direction of photographer Martin Parr who's work I've also admired for some years.


Sam Norton said...

?? something missing?

James and Maggie said...

Yep, sorry Sam should be there now!