Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rye Bread In A Carton?

On a recent trip to that mecca of slot together furniture that is IKEA, the tartist and I browsing around the little in store Swedish food shop found this rye bread mix in a tetra pak carton. Yes, that's right bread in a carton. So, always keen to try something new in the cooking line, however improbable a delicious outcome may seem at the time, we brought one home with us. Last night while the tartist had four orange fruit teabreads in the oven I gave the bread a go.

It's so simple you simply pour the correct amount of tepid water in the top of the carton (everything is inside...rye flour, sunflower seeds, yeast etc.) then shake it like a bugger for a minute, and pour the mixed contents into a greased loaf tin. Leave it to proove for 45 minutes then pop it in the oven for an our. After fairly limited expectations the resulting loaf was really excellent. A most pleasant Swedish surprise.

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