Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Eggs 'Mehalah'

The Tartist's Eggs 'Mehalah
The artist's mum Pixie had a visit from his brother, the lovely Will Weaver to celebrate Mother's day at the weekend and they came round for some of our granddaughter Amelia's 2nd birthday cake at Holly & Martyn's house.

It's always nice to see Will and have a catch up but it was made extra special this time by his praise for our own latest invention at the Artcafé  - Eggs 'Mehalah'.

Blanching local samphire

I'd actually forgotten how much time we spent trialing this dish and what a pain making Hollandaise was before our new recipe. And yes, homemade Hollandaise really does make all the difference!
Not as long I might add as Raymond Blanc takes - his dishes sometimes take 6 months of effort, but this does result in fabulous things like his chocolate cup and saucer filled with coffee sponge and mousse, I wish I had one of those to eat now!

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