Monday, 29 June 2009

...I'm Filled With Gladness!

The tartist and I got home from work yesterday both flagging from the exertion of feeding and watering our customers in the tropical heat of this current sunny spell and put our feet up and turned the T.V. on in order to watch what was left of this year's Glastonbury music festival. We were not dissapointed, about to take to the stage were Madness, those erstwhile exponents of 'cockney ska' and purveyors of umpteen hit records over the past 30 years (go on, count 'em!).

There I sat grinning from ear to ear with our telly turned up nice and loud as Suggs and his nutty band of merry men entertained as if it was 1980 again playing hit after hit mixed with songs from their most recent concept album (yes Madness have just released a concept album) 'The Liberty of Norton Folgate'. Why is the artist waxing lyrical so? I hear you ask. Well, when I first heard madness' music it had an immediate and profound effect on me, so much so I immediatly replaced my dreadful seventies 'mullet' for a No.3 back and sides, bought myself a crombie coat, fred perry shirt and Doc. Martens. This was music coming from my generation and here they are still, men mostly in their early fifties, still vital, still cool, still able to 'work' a crowd and as I watched the Glastonbury crowd, some in safari suits, pith helmets & false moustaches, some with lime green wigs even a chap on an inflatable sofa crowd surfing and just for a short while my faith in humanity was quote the nutty boys 'if this is madness then I'm filled with gladness'!

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