Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Return Of The Milkshake

Some may argue that the milkshake never went away, but for a time recently it has been somewhat eclipsed by those smoothie type drinks and we've seen more than a handful of smoothie/juice bar businesses come and go in the time we've been at the Artcafé. For what it's worth we flirted a bit with the smoothie idea a while ago and quite enjoyed drinking/eating(?) them. After a time I (theartist) began to experience quite a bit of indigestion and heartburn after consuming them, this raises the eating, drinking question. Of course I'm not a dietician, if I were this blog would be the 'dieticianandthetartist', but to me the ingredients in most smoothies, unlike milk, were never meant to be drunk at all. Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, all these basic smoothie ingredients are surely supposed to be chewed first in order for the natural breakdown of nutrients that occurs in the mouth to happen, and only then does mother nature intend us to swallow. Surely to drink these straight to the stomach is simply asking for trouble? Which is why I no longer have them and the accompanying discomfort.

Now this brings me on to the good old fashioned milkshake. Some may reasonably question the idea of drinking the milk of other mammals, especially for our entire adult life but at the very least, milk, unlike straberries etc. is designed to be a drink. We were approached by Shaken Udder, a local producer recently to sell their milkshakes, so we've been giving them them a go and I for one really think they're delicious. They currently make four flavours, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake which believe it or not really tastes like a Strawberry cheesecake, genius. As well as having a good product the Shaken Udder people are on our doorstep in Tolleshunt Major so they haven't clocked up hundreds of 'food miles' to bring us their shakes, so next time you drop in and don't really fancy a tea or a coffee, consider a yummy milkshake!

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