Monday, 18 August 2008

Blanches Café

Blanches Café ~ Builders Pencil

I can remember when I was a child sometimes stopping along the beach here with my mum and being served a 'Walls' ice cream (the rectangular yellow block pressed into a cornet type) by a lady from an open hatch/window to the right of the doorway. I now wonder if she was Blanch? On the rear weatherboarding now almost completely faded away was sign-written 'Blanches Cafe, Oysters & Teas'. My Dad used to drive an 'Eastern National' bus and this (the end of Kingsland Road) was a scheduled stop in those days. I've been told that this destination was so popular that these buses were full to bursting point with day trippers from the Colchester 'metropolis'. The 'Mersea Milk Bar' was just a few paces up the road. I now realise I'm using an (awful) lot of brackets/inverted commas and 'slashes' in my posts.

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